Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hoya Retusa

Well I caved in and bought the retusa on Ebay the other day. What I got this morning, however, was a mess of leaves, flowers and soil:

I am not impressed. I spent good money on this plant, and what I get is a mess. The soil went everywhere, including my porridge, which meant I only got 3 quarters of my breakfast!
So I complained, and I hope that I will get some money back. Meanwhile I can have a great time tonight making a big mess sorting out the plant and repotting it - yay!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you got it sorted out... I got one from the same seller and it came through just fine! I think a lot of the problemis caused by the way Royal Mail's minions handle it on the way to your door. I did figure out though that the plant actually unwinds in a counter clockwise direction. Apparently the seller winds them all clockwise to protect the long stems in transit.
At beest, Hoya retusa is a spindly plant anyway and to my mind, looks a bit frail but, to my great surprise, other than a bit of compost escaping from the wrappings, the plant was in excellent condition once it was 'unwound'. Hope you have as much luck with yours as I did mine!