Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Heuschkeliana Gives It Another Go

A couple of months ago this hoya tried to flower and I moved it just at the wrong moment. Then it went through a dark phase where it didn't grow and a leaf went yellow and died off. I was a bit worried. Now it's starting to grow again, and I can see these peduncles. You can't but fault this little plant for trying. I hope that it'll finish what it's started this time.
But, as I looked at this plant, I wondered:-
a) why it's so bloody hard to photograph things using a conventional digital camera when it's dark
b) why people argue so much over something that has such beauty. I know we all have differing opinions, that's what makes us all individual, but there's no need to bitch. Really. I now take a policy where I lurk, listen and learn, but people being rude makes me sad.
c) what on earth I'm going to do with these plants if this little thing can get to this size... eeek!


roybe said...

It looks pretty healthy to me Hills. Hueschkeliana is one of my favourite miniatures. Is it the pink or yellow variety?. It has a nice fragrance too.

Hilary said...

I believe it's the pink variety, although I haven't seen it flower yet... we will see!