Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moving On...

Ok I'm so annoyed with the setting for the geocities blog page - inability to read anything, bad pictures and the fact I have to go to my own page in order to read comments left I'm moving to Blogger. We like Blogger. It's my friend.

Ok rant over and a picture for you. This is what my front room currently looks like. The cuttings that made it from the ones I bought from Paul Shirley (the pauciflora is pretty much dead and the odorata I think is just being green to keep me being hopeful!) are now taking up some space here. I think, once I get rid of my useless tomato plant, the ones who don't mind not so much sun such as the multifloras, will have to go on the back window, although it is colder there.
Ok... can I get this right.. in order from left to right... australis ssp.australis, engleriana, growbox containing lauterbachii (with new leaves - yay!), several bits of lacunosa "tove" (maybe finally growing, stupid thing), australis ssp tenuipes (cutting from upstairs plant that has roots and will have to go soon), dead pauciflora and dying odorata. Then weebella, the two multifloras, multiflora and javanica, heushkeliana, pentaphlebia, IML-557, lacunosa, the orchid I've not taken any care of and has flourished for the first time this year, and of course carnosa. Guess where I cheated in that list! Oh dear - 13 plants on one shelf, I hope that's not unlucky!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Hoya Publicalyx cv. Pink Silver

Well, I tell you, I don't believe it. I bought this publicalyx earlier this year as a five-leaf rooted plant and it's now 20 times bigger. I thought it would take YEARS to produce a bud, just like my carnosa. However when I went to look at the plant yesterday, I found this:

If you look really hard, right in the centre of the picture is a peduncle! Wow. I hope it will flower for me next year.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fixing Bugs and Making Wire Hoops

Right I'm going to try this and see if it works. Any of you who come here often may notice that i've managed to make the typeface a bit bigger so you can actually read it. Now I'm going to try adding a photo in that you can click on to see a bit more of....
This is my Hoya Variegata, also known as "Krimson Queen" I believe, although I always have to check because I forget which one is which. The wire hoop it's now weaving its way along is made by me from heavy duty garden wire. Well I couldn't find any in the shop so I had to make my own. it was very simple, just make a hoop and then twist round the wire on itself. I did this with one wire twisted round itself then cut it off at the end. I then got the wire again and twisted it round the loop part again in a circle to ensure it was strong enough to take the plant. The plant is now happily trailing its way round the loop - yay!