Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More buds...

Hoya lasiantha
The Hoya lasiantha buds seem to get larger every day... we'll see if they get any bigger or fall off as usual!

Hoya telosmoides
This is Hoya telosmoides... a new one for me. Quite excited to see if this one makes it to flowering as well!

Hoya australis ssp australis
Now this is Hoya australis ssp australis. This one almost always flowers around autumn, so it's very bizarre to see it bud at this time of the year. I reckon it's due to the funny weather we've had this year - it was really hot and sunny for ages in April, and now it's got darker, so the australis may be reacting to this. This one is usually quite reliable so I hope to see blooms in a few weeks time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Try and Try Again...

Well, I'll probably kaibosh it again, but here is the Hoya lasiantha trying to flower once again... the previous peduncles having fallen off once more! Ah well... we will see how far these ones will get!