Monday, October 30, 2006

Hoya Publicalyx cv. Pink Silver

Well, I tell you, I don't believe it. I bought this publicalyx earlier this year as a five-leaf rooted plant and it's now 20 times bigger. I thought it would take YEARS to produce a bud, just like my carnosa. However when I went to look at the plant yesterday, I found this:

If you look really hard, right in the centre of the picture is a peduncle! Wow. I hope it will flower for me next year.


roy said...

Wonderful Hills, It's a great feeling when you first spot them. Is it pink silver or silver pink?, I've seen both named on labels and I don't know which is the correct name.
By the way I followed in your footsteps and went to the Brisbane C&S society last night. I trundled in with my H.pachyclada and H.subquintuplinervis. being quite succulent I thought they might generate a bit of interest. They asked me to introduce my plants which I did for a few minutes. During the tea break no one asked me any questions about them or other Hoyas. So I was slightly disappointed, I was hoping to ferret out a few Hoya collectors. I bought six epiphylum cuttings in different colours for $1.50 ea. I've never had them before so I thought I'd give them a try.
Then they had a couple of slide shows which were interesting, but by 9pm like you I started to zzzzzzzz. All the best with your H. pubicalyx

Hilary said...

According to Christine Burton, it's Hoya Publicalyx cv. Pink Silver. So I changed mine from Publicalyx "Silver Pink".

Sorry to hear about your trip to the Cactus and Succulent society, it seems they are mostly interested in cacti or other succulents. Next year I'm hoping to go to the Stockholm Flower Show where apparently the Swedish Hoya society participate - should be great!