Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fixing Bugs and Making Wire Hoops

Right I'm going to try this and see if it works. Any of you who come here often may notice that i've managed to make the typeface a bit bigger so you can actually read it. Now I'm going to try adding a photo in that you can click on to see a bit more of....
This is my Hoya Variegata, also known as "Krimson Queen" I believe, although I always have to check because I forget which one is which. The wire hoop it's now weaving its way along is made by me from heavy duty garden wire. Well I couldn't find any in the shop so I had to make my own. it was very simple, just make a hoop and then twist round the wire on itself. I did this with one wire twisted round itself then cut it off at the end. I then got the wire again and twisted it round the loop part again in a circle to ensure it was strong enough to take the plant. The plant is now happily trailing its way round the loop - yay!

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roy said...

It is hard to get decent plant trellises or supports, I've got a couple which I'm trying (so far so good) I'll post them on my blog soon. Your support is very innovative Hills well done.