Sunday, April 03, 2011

Must be spring!

So, I was going through the sad process of throwing the Hoyas that hadn't made it through the winter (there are always some, no matter how hard I try not to kill them!). And what should I find to cheer me up?
Hoya lasiantha
Oh yes, sweet buds on the Hoya lasiantha! I had a look at it as I was moving some of my Hoyas around and noticed the peduncle had gone dark. I wasn't very surprised about this as it came to me last year with buds which sadly blasted not long before they should have opened. This has happened to me several times with lasiantha so again doesn't surprise me. But, instead of a dying peduncle, I have buds! Will they make it this time? We will have to see. Give it a month!
And here is my second suprise:
Hoya padangensis
I've only had this Hoya padangensis for six months, bought at the very end of last year's posting season. I'm really excited about seeing how the flowers develop - I've seen how unusual they are, which is why I bought it to begin with.
So although it is with sadness I said goodbye to some of my Hoyas, I really hope these ones will come through this time and flower for me! :)

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