Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh Dear...

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Time for my poor hoyas to die :(
A combination of bad light and cold temperatures really doesn't seem to work for these poor plants. This is my Hoya kerrii variegated, which has sadly succumbed to the bad conditions.
This hoya holliana has never been happy. I don't think it rooted well, and so has gone downhill.

And finally my hoya aff. obscura. I feel bad about this plant, I really don't think it settled in very well, I got it in August and I don't think it made the transition from greenhouse to cold house!
But there is good news... my Hoya praetorii is budding up again! I'm hoping that this time it'll get to the end... We will see!


Eda said...

I ought a Hoya Kerrii from Bangkok,Thailand and will bring it back to my hometown Istanbul, Turkey. It is a beautiful plant but the seller was a Japanese lady who didn't know a word of English. I don't know how to take care of it. Can you pls give me some info? I hope the climate of Turkey will be suitable. Thanks.

AGUTEK said...

Hi, I have hoya kerri variegata too. This species is really strange - don't worry - many hoya's owners have problems with this hoya. It's litlle bit grumpy.
I have small collections on hoyas. I hope You will see my blog in the future.

Greetings from Poland, Agnieszka

carina said...


That does not look good at all... This winter 2 of my hoyas died, my tsangii and my imbricata. I watered both of them too much!!

But spring is coming and hopefully the rest of our hoyas will be just fine :)