Saturday, October 20, 2007


My polyneura just lost the will to live and just dehydrated on me... the ends are not good but I live in hope I can resuscitate it... I doubt it though :(

One mealie? Surely there must be more somewhere... this one disintegrated after I dabbed it with acetone...


roybe said...

Hilary, I'm doing some polynuera cuttings at the moment. they are just starting to sprout. I've found they need warmth and humidity. If it's not to late snip it off after the yellow leaf. I've heard it said they like plenty of fertilizer once they become established too.


MANUELA said...

Hallo Hilary, I'm Manuela from Spain. First of all, congratulations for your blog. I learn a lot with it.

I discovered hoyas only 7 months ago and now I'm "mad" for this plant.

What happens with your polyneura??? I'just got one cutting from Texas, It has only 3 leafs but now she looks pretty.

I'm starting with my blog abour hoyas, cactus, suculents, etc. I hope to get something as pretty as you one but I think it will be dificult.

Regads from Mallorca, Spain.


MANUELA said...

Hi Hilary,

Only a question. Can I put your link in my blog?