Monday, March 19, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Well, I don't know whether it's the beer fertilizer, the prolonged daylight, the warmer weather or more sunshine, but most of my hoyas are very happy at the moment (woohoo!). Here, on the left, is the publicalyx I've been watching with bated breath as it produces loads of buds... let's see, any bets on having to wait another month before I actually see flowers?!?
The heuschkeliana, right, is trying its hardest to flower again. I know it's almost inevitable that I have once again hexed this plant but I still hope that I'll see flowers - third time lucky and all that. I had to prostrate myself on the floor to get a good shot of the buds!
I'm not sure whether the lauterbachii growing every time I look at it is a reason to be cheerful or just generally scared of having to deal with what promises to be a humungous plant... I will be reporting back on this one I guess!

I've heard that the javanica/multiflora, right, is a reliable bloomer and I was extremely pleased to see what definitely looks like a new peduncle forming on this plant.. only three nodes long and allready trying to flower! Now all I have to do is not forget to water it!

And in other news, I have an interview in what looks like a brilliant job in London, so I hope you'll all wish me luck on Wednesday.... eek!


Sandy said...

Cant wait to see your pubicalyx in bloom....I have never been that lucky to have mine bloom for have got some nice blooms coming on javanica/multiflora and heuschkeliana also....this time of year is great to see new growth and i am sure the beer fert. hasnt hurt either.....


Tracy said...

I was just wondering of you ever saw your heuschkeliana bloom? Is it the one with pink or yellow flowers? I think they are just the cutest hoya's around. I have a small one but have yet to see it bloom.