Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hoya DS-70

I feel like a copycat posting this after Sandy's beautiful photo, but it's probably just coincidence this is the next hoya in my list...

Hoya DS-70
Type: Leaves 4-7 cm, glabrous.

Flowers: small and dark purple when mature, although I haven't seen any on mine yet!

I bought this plant from Paul Shirley after hearing that it is easy to grow and flowers fairly easily. It didn't root very easily but now it has rooted it seems to be quite happy. It responds well to warmth - my front room was quite cold for a spell because my radiator wasn't working - and seems to be a fairly fuss-free plant. It is also known as Tsangii.

In other news, I've updated my website so that it looks much nicer and I'm now considering adding a page of FAQ's - time and time again I see fairly similar questions on the forums I go to, so I thought putting a page that gave useful information might be helpful. The imperialis lost a leaf but I'd been expecting it to do that for months, and was surprised that it hadn't happened sooner given I burnt the poor thing under the intense glass of my bathroom - oops! This wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't for the fact the poor plant's only got two leaves... but it is growing, slowly given the cold weather, so hopefully it'll take off in the spring. The polyneura has stopped losing leaves for the time being, so I guess it likes being in the colder kitchen and being watered less frequently. The pentaphlebia is still waving at me and not growing at all, but doesn't seem to be losing leaves either, so I guess it's OK, probably just waiting for a bit more sun and warmth - not lovely hailstones like I got caught in today!

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Sandy said...

Hi Hilary,

I love your DS-70 - one of my faves i think...seems to grow well and I really love the leaf shape..It really deserves a name instead of a number!.....